Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preliminary Gear List

Fall 2009 Canada Trip Equipment


Pack: old Duluth pack for light bulky stuff (not as old as Cat’s)/ back up internal frame back/ new canoe pack??

Lem: new pack / duffel for small camp chairs/stools, fire grate, etc.

SP/Dick/Lem: Day packs

Rent a food barrel pack/extra canoe pack??


Lem: new tent

Pack: new tent

**Buy a tarp/bug tent combo…share cost. $200??

Personal gear

Everyone has their own stuff: sleeping bags& pads, knife, bug hats, headlamps, stuff bags, rain gear, extra shoes, personal hygiene, Nalgenes, thermo coffee/drink cup, fishing gear, hand cleaner, compass, bungees, camera, etc.

**If we all bring 2 piece rods and include one back up rod, can all 5 fit in Lem’s rod tube?

Lem: I-pod.

Cat: first aid kit.

Cooking gear

Pack: new fire grate, cooking utensil pouch, Steripen, fuel container, wash basin, 2qt pitcher.

Dick: stove (need a backup stove?), Steripen, windscreen? Fuel container?

**Buy a nesting cook kit—3 pots with lids: 4qt. 2-3qt. 1-2qt. & heavy fry pan.

**Need plates, bowls, & silverware. Buy a set or pieces?

Canoes, paddles, and life jackets are provided by the outfitter.


Pack: saw

Lots of rope for camp and lining canoes etc., carabineers, hatchet, repair kit,???

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