Sunday, April 26, 2009

Circle Route in Wabikimi

From this website:

“We always used Little Caribou Lake as an entry/exit, parking @ the small bridge ( @ creek entering Little Caribou Lake) just south of Caribou Lake north out of Armstrong. Lots of circular routes to be found without rail or fly in. We once went east out of Caribu>Cliff Lake> Whitewater Lake>Wabikimi Lake>Smoothrock Lake>Caribou Lake, nice route very little traveled. Have seen quite a few Caribu, bear, wolves, moose etc along the way. We always went mid-May and had no bugs, but June 1st they are there and hungry. Never saw any of the fly-in fisherman then either. Paddling in October was gnarly cold, and my August solo trip was hot (but blueberries were abundant!) and saw a few fly-in folks fishing.”

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