Monday, April 27, 2009

Kopka River Map

The Packster found this map of our route on the Kopka River. Click to enlarge.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kopka River

Here’s part one of a trip Kevin Callan took on the Kopka River last year. Here are the other parts of his story.

They took the train in from Armstrong in the morning (so it was before the schedule changed.) I don’t think we’d have all the portages to get to the Kopka if we flew in.


Fishing in Wabakimi

Gord Ellis - “award winning outdoor journalist” – says this about fishing in Smoothrock Lake:

“Smoothrock Lake/Wabakimi P.P.

Wabakimi is one of the world's largest boreal forest reserves and is known for great wilderness canoeing, a caribou herd, and tremendous fishing. In 1997, the park was expanded to 2.2 million acres (892,000 ha). Smoothrock is the best and largest pike lake in this huge park. Its 20-mile (32-km) length is peppered with backbays and narrows that scream giant pike. Fish hard, and catching one 20 pounds or more is almost a sure thing. Numerous 25-pounders and better have been taken from these waters. Top spots include Outlet Bay, Lonebreast Bay, and Caribou Bay. Other excellent pike lakes in Wabakimi include Wabakimi, Whitewater, Whiteclay, and Shabuskwia. Large pike are also found throughout summer in rivers and other current areas throughout the park. This is one of Ontario's most untapped trophy pike fisheries.”

Circle Route in Wabikimi

From this website:

“We always used Little Caribou Lake as an entry/exit, parking @ the small bridge ( @ creek entering Little Caribou Lake) just south of Caribou Lake north out of Armstrong. Lots of circular routes to be found without rail or fly in. We once went east out of Caribu>Cliff Lake> Whitewater Lake>Wabikimi Lake>Smoothrock Lake>Caribou Lake, nice route very little traveled. Have seen quite a few Caribu, bear, wolves, moose etc along the way. We always went mid-May and had no bugs, but June 1st they are there and hungry. Never saw any of the fly-in fisherman then either. Paddling in October was gnarly cold, and my August solo trip was hot (but blueberries were abundant!) and saw a few fly-in folks fishing.”

Survivorman In Wabikimi

Les Stroud who has the TV show “Survivorman” spent a year living in Wabakimi with his wife. Here’s the first of 6 videos he made of that trip.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Product Info Sheet on Eureka VCS


From this website.

Eureka VCS Tarp Shelter

Here’s what we’re thinking of buying. More photos here.


German POWs in Canada

For you history buffs, a video about German POWs who were imprisoned in Canada during WWII.

Bill Mason Videos

Lots of videos of Bill Mason are on the Canadian Film Board archives website. Like this one:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Nice work on the site. I'll have to learn how to work this.

Google Earth View of Wabakimi

The blue pin is the town of Armstrong, You can just barely see the railroad tracks which run from Armstrong west thru the southern part of Wabakimi. (You’ll have to zoom in quite a ways to see our route.)


View Untitled in a larger map

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Center of the Universe

One of the “famous” routes in Wabakimi is called “Center of the Universe.” It’s a little too far to get to on our trip, so here’s a link to a trip report of Kevin Callan’s to that area (he’s the canoeing guidebook writer.)

Kopka River

Part of the route we’re considering would take us down the Kopka River. Here’s Part 1 of a trip by Kevin Callan down the Kopka.

Where Is Wabakimi?

We’re going to be in the south central area – a little west of Armstrong.

Preliminary Gear List

Fall 2009 Canada Trip Equipment


Pack: old Duluth pack for light bulky stuff (not as old as Cat’s)/ back up internal frame back/ new canoe pack??

Lem: new pack / duffel for small camp chairs/stools, fire grate, etc.

SP/Dick/Lem: Day packs

Rent a food barrel pack/extra canoe pack??


Lem: new tent

Pack: new tent

**Buy a tarp/bug tent combo…share cost. $200??

Personal gear

Everyone has their own stuff: sleeping bags& pads, knife, bug hats, headlamps, stuff bags, rain gear, extra shoes, personal hygiene, Nalgenes, thermo coffee/drink cup, fishing gear, hand cleaner, compass, bungees, camera, etc.

**If we all bring 2 piece rods and include one back up rod, can all 5 fit in Lem’s rod tube?

Lem: I-pod.

Cat: first aid kit.

Cooking gear

Pack: new fire grate, cooking utensil pouch, Steripen, fuel container, wash basin, 2qt pitcher.

Dick: stove (need a backup stove?), Steripen, windscreen? Fuel container?

**Buy a nesting cook kit—3 pots with lids: 4qt. 2-3qt. 1-2qt. & heavy fry pan.

**Need plates, bowls, & silverware. Buy a set or pieces?

Canoes, paddles, and life jackets are provided by the outfitter.


Pack: saw

Lots of rope for camp and lining canoes etc., carabineers, hatchet, repair kit,???