Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fishing in Wabakimi

Gord Ellis - “award winning outdoor journalist” – says this about fishing in Smoothrock Lake:

“Smoothrock Lake/Wabakimi P.P.

Wabakimi is one of the world's largest boreal forest reserves and is known for great wilderness canoeing, a caribou herd, and tremendous fishing. In 1997, the park was expanded to 2.2 million acres (892,000 ha). Smoothrock is the best and largest pike lake in this huge park. Its 20-mile (32-km) length is peppered with backbays and narrows that scream giant pike. Fish hard, and catching one 20 pounds or more is almost a sure thing. Numerous 25-pounders and better have been taken from these waters. Top spots include Outlet Bay, Lonebreast Bay, and Caribou Bay. Other excellent pike lakes in Wabakimi include Wabakimi, Whitewater, Whiteclay, and Shabuskwia. Large pike are also found throughout summer in rivers and other current areas throughout the park. This is one of Ontario's most untapped trophy pike fisheries.”

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